Picky Eaters Can Win at Health by Trying New Foods

If you or your child is a picky eater, you might be surprised to learn how trying new foods can increase your nutrient intake. While many children will grow out of being picky, some people never do. Studies have shown that as many as 18% of adults are classified as picky eaters.

By limiting what you put on your plate, you also limit the vitamins and nutrients your body gets. Man of which can help be stronger, and healthier.

Immediate Rewards

By stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new foods you’ll get an immediate payoff. By consuming different foods, your diet will naturally become richer in vitamins, minerals, and protein, as well as, healthy fats.

People who eat a wide variety of foods are healthier according to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. People involved in the study had better levels of cholesterol and omega-3 vitamins. They also had a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease compared to those who were classified as picky eaters.

Aside from the physical advantages of opening your world to new foods, you’ll be happier. Foods have a unique way of bringing something different to each day of your life. If you’re eating the same things day after day, the novelty of food wears off.

By enjoying new flavors, ingredients, and textures, you’ll look forward to trying new foods. New foods also offer a wide range of spices you may not get into your picky diet. Spices, along with many fruits and veggies are loaded with antioxidants that aid in the production of serotonin and dopamine – making you feel happier!

How to Start

If you’d like to open your world to new foods, start slow and you’ll have more success. Think of the foods you already love and foods that you could introduce to those meals. For example, if you love cottage cheese, but don’t eat fruit, try adding different fruit to the cottage cheese.

You can also look up recipes that contain your favorite ingredients and give them a try. If you find recipes you are willing to try but they have one main thing you really don’t like – simply leave it out and substitute it with an ingredient you do like if necessary.

When dining out, take the same approach. Instead of modifying the meal exactly to your liking, try what the chef has to offer. You’ll not only make your server happier, but you may find that you enjoy the meal as prepared even more.