During this time of social distancing and being in isolation, it’s easy to snack all day and not get as much exercise as you need. Instead of packing on the pounds, finding a routine and tracking your intake can make a big difference in your health.

Best apps for tracking fitness from anywhere you are.

Whether you are trying to gain muscle, exercise more regularly, lose weight, or push yourself to the next level, fitness apps can help. They’ll give you helpful reminders, track your progress, and provide the tools you need to accomplish your goals.

Top-Rated Activity Tracking Apps

Keep yourself in check with activity-tracking apps. They are easy to use and will track your daily activities as you complete them. You can count steps, distance, time, estimated calorie burn, and more.

If you are just getting started, Map My Fitness is an excellent activity tracking app. It has hundreds of built-in activities. Whether you go out for a run or spend an hour rock-climbing, the app will provide you with tracking and data to help keep you motivated. If you want to give back, Charity Miles is an app that will donate money to a charity for every mile you bicycle, run, or walk!

Diet and Nutritional Apps

For those focused on weight loss, tracking your diet and nutrition is important. It’s also important for those switching to a new diet in order to ensure you are getting enough protein and essential vitamins and minerals in your new diet.

The best apps of 2020 for tracking your intake and weight are MyFitnessPal, MyPlate, Noom, and MyPlate. MyFitnessPal has by far the largest database of foods and is easy to use whether you’ve ordered takeout or cooked a meal at home.

On-Demand Workout Apps

Figuring out what type of exercise you enjoy most is sometimes hard to do. With on-demand workout apps, you can try almost any type of exercise right at home.

There are a ton of different on-demand workout apps, but they’re definitely not all the same in price or quality. If you are looking for high-quality instructional apps that are reasonably priced, or free, these are our top picks.

Shred, Blogilats, Foret.fit, Nike Training Club, and Kelo are all filled with a variety of different workouts. You can get workouts free, or for as little as .99 for a complete workout calendar. Many of the apps offer a free-trial period as well so you can try before you buy!