Are You Drinking Enough Water? Studies Show You Aren’t

Are you getting enough hydration throughout the day? According to most studies, the average American doesn’t drink enough water. You need roughly half a gallon of water a day if you work indoors, though that number can be as high as two gallons if you work in the hot sun or workout often.

Odds are good you’re not getting nearly enough water.

Woman drinking from large bottle of water

How Can You Make Sure You Get Enough Water?

To make sure you drink enough water, you might need to get a bit creative. After all, drinking a ton of water can be a bit ridiculous in some settings, and you’ll be constantly refilling a water bottle or running to a vending machine to get more sparkling water. Here are our tips for getting enough hydration throughout the day.

Get a Water Filter

A water filter or a filtered water bottle is a great step in the right direction of drinking enough H2O. It’s easier to want to drink water that doesn’t taste like it just came from the tap, so getting a filter is a great way to encourage yourself to drink more.

Invest in a Huge Water Bottle

It might seem a bit silly, but if you get a massive water bottle, like a 64-ounce bottle, you’ll only need to drink one of them during the day to get enough water in. This cuts down on how much you’re refilling a bottle, while also giving you a straightforward and measurable daily goal.

Put Up Reminders

A surefire way to make sure you don’t forget to drink lots of water is by putting a visual reminder up somewhere near your workspace. Put a big, empty water jug on your desk, or, better yet, a big pitcher filled with water. Then, when you get up to run to the restroom or something along those lines, you’ll see your visual water reminder and can take a few sips.

Buy Sparkling Water Instead of Soda

Soda is tasty and sweet, but it’s pretty bad for you. It’s also the opposite of hydrating: It’ll dehydrate you more than not drinking anything at all. To combat this, you could invest in sparkling water instead.

You’ll get the sensation of carbonation so it feels more fun than just drinking a bottle of water, but you’ll be getting good, old-fashioned H2O to your system instead of sugar and caffeine.